Go Green!

Rhode Island Textile’s "Go Green" initiative is aimed at protecting the environment by making better use of natural resources and working for the good of the global community. 

Eco-Friendly Materials
We use a variety of eco-friendly materials, including Recycled Polyester and Organic Cotton. These are great alternatives to chemically-based or synthetic fibers and can be used in many products including drawcords, shoelaces, lanyards, webbing and more.  
Our Ruffin'It One World line features 100% Recycled Polyester and 100% Organic Cotton dog collars and leashes.  Click for more information.
Our Ad Specialties Division features custom printed options for lanyards, leashes and dog collars, made using eco-friendly materials. Click for more information.
Recycling Efforts
Preserving the environment is a company wide commitment at Rhode Island Textile Company. We continue to expand our recycling efforts and actively pursue new ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. 
We are pleased to announce our recycling results for 2009.

Rhode Island Textile Company                 

Cardboard    140,360 lbs

Wood              10,640 lbs

Plastic                9,440 lbs  

Paper               38,400 lbs

Cotton             20,500 lbs

PVC                   3,760 lbs


South Carolina Elastic

Cardboard      116,000 lbs

Yarn                  66,200 lbs